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Wolfhounds Legacy 
Trainers and  Staff 

Faye Keller

Co-Founder and President

Originally from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Faye moved to Southwest Florida after her sons went off to college.  While in Milwaukee, she had previously held the position of a 911 dispatcher. Customer Service Representative and various community activities. She has 3 grown sons and enjoys going back to Wisc to spend time with them.  Faye’s interests are training dogs and German Shepherds.  She enjoys working with animal rescues and animal welfare groups to help place animals into homes. Founding Wolfhounds Legacy in 2016, she and Linda Fuller work tirelessly to give back to those who suffer from PTSD.

Linda Fuller

Co-Founder and Vice-President

Originally from Burlington, New Jersey, Linda moved to Southwest Florida in 2002. She co-founded Wolfhounds Legacy and enjoys fostering pups, training basics, and socializing her "pack".While in New Jersey, she had previously held the position of manager of the Market Research and Business Development departments of a trucking company.

Linda actively works in the community with various organizations.  She has one son, Daniel, who is a funeral director. Linda’s interests include her dogs and fostering dogs whenever she can. Linda lives with her 3 dogs, Suzie Fuller, Suzy Lee, Macee.

Melanie Jacob


Missi Lastra

Director of Marketing

Missi Lastra comes to Wolfhounds Legacy with a BA from Business from American Intercontinental University. She has 21 years of operation in human resource management and will be a spokesperson for WLC at all major events.

Head Trainers and AKC  Evaluator

Faye Maliszewski 

Linda Fuller

Lead Trainers

Charles Pearson

Training Instructor- Graduate

Nevena Rosic 

Training instructor

Nancy McCrumm

Training Instructor-Graduate

Jackie Palmer

Training Instructor-Lehigh Location

Tyla Bebon

Training Instructor-Graduate-
Future Clewiston Location


Gabriella LaBounty

Training Instructor-Graduate

Pablo and Diane Pabon

Training Instructors-Graduate

Vicki Lawrence

Training Instructor  and Admin Assistant

Lee McLaws

Training Instructor-Graduate

Cory Waite

Training Instructor-Graduate

John and Nay

Training Instructors-Lehigh Location

Charlotte DiSilvestro

Amanda Martin

Vet tech assistants-Graduates

Christopher Luff

Junior Training Instructor

Kali and Mya Benson

Junior Training Instructor-Graduate

Our Mission


Wolfhounds Legacy's goal is to not only save one life but two. We help to join a military veteran with a unique service dog. By finding dogs from high-risk shelters and pairing them up with U.S. veterans based on their specific needs we are helping the lives of both veteran and dog. 


We start by rescuing dogs from shelters and placing them into foster homes. All of the rescue dogs we bring into our care start out in a foster family environment or are already trained before they are placed. They are introduced to children, pets and other outdoor environments that make up the everyday normal activities of our veterans and each dog learns how to live in a family home life before being paired with their own veteran.


After the dogs are completely vetted they are enrolled in an 8-month training process where the veteran and the dog bond and the dog learns the skills that are necessary to be a service dog. Each veteran needs a service dog for their own personal reason. The dogs are then trained to fit the role or job for the veteran. We provide all the training for the veteran and his new battle buddy to receive the service dog certification.


We achieve this through donations and grants. Every donation helps to fund the journey that the dog and veteran will go through together.


"Saving Two Lives at a Time"

Cape Coral, FL

For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911

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